New Economy Initiative

“Henry Ford Innovation Institution is much more than a nice building”  Henry Ford Innovation Institute occupies a magnificent space in the heart of Henry Ford Health System’s main campus in Midtown Detroit. Originally constructed as an auditorium in 1915, the Innovation Institute, with the help of NEI, has transformed its space into an open, collaborative, […]

The Plumleigh Initiative:

Expanding The Horizons For Ultrasound Education Inspired by the remote point of care ultrasound research done in collaboration with NASA, Robert & Betty Plumleigh have graciously funded the Bob and Betty Plumleigh Telemedicine Initiative at the Henry Ford Innovation Institute. This fund supports further exploration and development of the educational modules for the ultrasound technology […]

Patient Hospital Gown for Henry Ford Health System

The new patient gown – resembling a wrap-around robe that completely closes in the back and front– is being rolled out on several inpatient floors at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. It is among the first inventions to be made public by the Henry Ford Innovation Institute in collaboration with the College for Creative Studies. […]

Phantom Lung

Lung cancer poses a unique problem. Delivery of precise, highly targeted radiation to the lung is difficult because the tumor moves as the patient’s lungs move during the process of breathing. If radiation is delivered to the lung without precise motion planning, the potential exists not only to miss the tumor, but also to damage […]

Raman Spectroscopy

Raman is a spectroscopic method of using laser light to determine the molecular makeup of a subject. We are using Raman to determine in realtime whether cells are malignant or benign. Biopsied tissue samples, taken during the process of surgical resection, currently require from 20 minutes to one week to obtain sufficient pathology results. The […]

Cardiac Assist Pump

Despite use of the most sophisticated pharmacologic and device therapies for treating heart failure, most patients reach an advanced stage of the disease that requires a heart transplant or implantation of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD). A large device, the LVAD takes over the entire pumping function of the heart. These traditional heart pumps […]

Hospital Gown : Devolopment

The hospital gown of the future is being developed in collaboration with the Henry Ford Innovation Institute and the College for Creative Studies students, Patrick Houin, Callie Clark, and Frantz Mondesir. The design concepts for the gown were provided by the students as a part of a Product Design sponsored studio project. The gown targets […]

VIE Theraputic Cabinet

The VIE (very important environment) project uses the principles of color and aroma therapy as well as feng shui to transform hospital patient rooms into a more holistic healing environment.