Innovation Challenges
Groundbreaking solutions can come from anywhere and anyone, and the Henry Ford Innovation Institute Innovation Challenges are designed to find them.  We are looking for ideas from clinicians, administrators, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, researchers, and other solutions providers to find technologies that will transform healthcare and make a significant impact on patient care and outcomes.  Whether you are an innovator from within the System or across the globe, HFII wants to hear from you.  

Current Challenge: Frugal Innovations

$10,000 in awards for Frugal Innovations!

Necessity is the driver of innovation.  When faced with a difficult problem, innovators find ways to create solutions with what they have available.  Across the front lines of healthcare, creative nurses, physicians, and other clinicians are creating innovative new approaches to their challenges at hand, advancing the practice of healthcare, sometimes with minimal monetary investment.

The Henry Ford Innovation Institute desires to uncover these creative solutions through its Frugal Innovations Challenge.  In addition to prize money and recognition, winners will receive the chance to have their innovation developed and commercialized, providing the foundation for more effective care delivery and economic efficiency at HFHS and beyond.

Topic: Frugal Innovations to Healthcare Problems

 Competitors (in teams up to 4 people) are invited to submit their concepts for low-cost solutions to pervasive healthcare problems.  Submissions may be workarounds already in practice (but not commercially available), prototypes of solutions, or simply concepts for devices or digital solutions.

Prizes (to be awarded in HFII’s sole judgement):

  • 1st Prize: $5,000
  • 2nd Prize: $3,000
  • 3rd Prize: $2,000

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