FAQ & Support

For questions regarding the competition, please email innovation@hfhs.org.


1. Who is eligible to enter?

The Challenge is open to all Henry Ford Health System employees and clinicians as well as employees of Health Alliance Plan.


2. Can I work with a team? If so, is there a limit of how many people can be on a team?

Yes, the Challenge is open to teams of up to three people, as long as all members are HFHS or HAP employees.  However, individuals may only be members of one team.


3. Who are the judges? 

The judges will represent a range of backgrounds, with expertise in venture capital, healthcare, insurance, and product development.  As judges are selected, they will be announced on the Challenge site.


4. Will my intellectual property be protected? If so, how?

All intellectual property will be protected according to the HFHS Intellectual Property Policy.  Additionally, all submissions will be required to complete on Invention Disclosure Form, which will be reviewed by HFII experts to determine IP protection.  All judges and finalists will be further required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


5. Can I get a copy of the submission ideas?

No.  Submissions are held private by the submitting teams and individuals and by HFII.  Finalist teams will be announced at the end of the judging period, but all sensitive material will be protected.


6. Is there a fee to apply?

No, there is not fee to apply to the Challenge.


7. If I already submitted a patent, am I eligible to apply? 

No, teams and individuals that have already submitted for a patent and are currently working with HFII are not eligible for the Challenge.  These teams should approach HFII directly concerning the development of their concept.


8. If my idea is not selected, can I still pursue development opportunities within HFHS?

Absolutely!  While many great ideas will be submitted through the competition, only three will walk away as prize winners.  However, all applicants are encouraged to contact HFII to pursue the commercialization of their concept.  As an employee of HFHS or HAP, HFII is your main resource for bringing your ideas to life.


9. Who can I talk to if I have more specific questions?

Please email innovation@hfhs.org  with questions regarding the challenge.