Davidson Digital Health Challenge

Congratulations to our winners!

  • $5,000 Grand Prize WinnerAcute Care Mobility - Gwen Gnam, RN MSN & Dr. Ilan Rubinfeld
  • $3,000 Second Place Winner - MiRIM Dr. Robert Keller & Dr. Nicholas Frisch
  • $2,000 Third Place WinnerSweet Dreams - Dr. Suraj Raheja

Congratulations to our other competing finalists:

  • Healthaze - Dr. Hemnat Shah & Dr. David Allard
  • HealthPet - Dr. Zachary Delproposto & Dr. David Parrish

Topic:  Clinical Applications of Wearable & Sensor Technology

Can activity trackers be used to incentivize healthy behavior for patients?

Can wireless blood pressure monitors be used for cardiac rehabilitation?

Do wireless scales hold to key to better managed COPD?

Rising cost and new regulations have put increased pressure on health systems to find more efficient ways to manage patients across the entire continuum of care.  While remote monitoring services are being used to track and manage patient health outside of the hospital, they are only cost effective for the highest risk populations.

In the meantime, the consumer market is experiencing a boom in low-cost, wireless, wearable devices capable of collecting and transmitting an array of personal health data.  From blood pressure and oxygen levels, to heart rate, weight, posture, sleep activity and beyond, this new class of technology presents myriad possibilities for how health is managed and clinicians deliver care.

Despite the increased availability of these technologies, integration into healthcare has been slow to follow. Most existing applications focus on fitness and improving health and performance of already healthy populations.

The HFII Challenge invites HFHS clinicians and employees to submit concepts for how this new family of wearable, wireless and sensor technologies can be applied across the continuum of care, leading to lower costs, better outcomes, and increased patient engagement.

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