Submission Requirements

The app challenge will have a two-phase review process.

Phase 1:

All submissions will be required to submit the following materials via the challenge website:

  • Title of the app
  • Names, positions, contact information & key accomplishments of team members
  • Problem statement (400 words or less)
  • 10-slide deck explaining the proposed solution, including information about:

o   Problem description

o   App features

o   Target users

o   Example use cases

o   Product development plan

o   Marketing plan

o   Business model

  • Mockups, drawings, or prototype
  • Completion of Ford-HFHS Joint Invention Disclosure/Licensing Agreement Form


Up to top 10 app ideas from Phase 1 will be invited to participate in Phase 2 (final phase). The challenge organizers may recommend pairing multiple submissions with similar ideas in a single submission for Phase 2.



Phase 2:

Phase 2 will comprise of two steps: (1) prototype app development for online submission followed by (2) a finalist pitch event.


Online submission

The finalists will be asked to develop their product ideas into apps for submission. Submitted apps will include the following software component(s):


Smartphone: All submitted apps MUST be functioning native (iOS or Android) apps or web apps that run on or mobile browsers.


Wearable: The app may include a software component for leveraging health/biometric data collected from wearable devices (commercial or clinical). The app may also power the wearable device for delivering alerts and notifications to the driver as pertinent to the proposed solution.


Vehicle: The app may include a software component for leveraging driving behavior/state data collected from the vehicle. The app may also connect to the vehicle over Bluetooth to integrate a number of useful features – for instance, interacting with the app using voice commands and through radio and steering wheel buttons for safe and convenient in-vehicle use, and receiving select vehicle data (e.g., speed, GPS, etc.)


What to create: Contestants will upload the following final submission materials to the challenge website:

  • A functioning native or web app which may also interact with a wearable device and/or the vehicle
  • A video (in MP4 format) demonstrating the working app
  • One or more screenshots of the app
  • A URL to access app (if a web app), or an uploaded .ipa file (if a native iOS app) or an uploaded .apk file (if a native Android app) for testing and judging


Platforms: iOS or Android native apps and web apps that run on mobile browsers.


New & Existing Apps: The submitted app must be newly developed and can leverage only certain preexisting commercial/open source solutions; for instance the solution may use a companion-phone app for Apple Watch or Android Wear to access biometric data, or an open source vehicle interface like OpenXC to access vehicle data. In case the solution utilizes a preexisting app or software, the submitted app must contain newly developed software that leverages the preexisting solution for implementing the proposed product idea.


Finalist Pitch Event:

Each finalist team will have the opportunity to pitch their idea to a panel of judges, representing HFII, HFHS, Ford Motor Company, and outside technical and investment experts, at a live event held at HFII.  The pitches will consist of:

  • 10 minute audio-visual assisted pitch
  • 5 minutes of questions and answers from a panel of expert judges