Taking a Broader Approach to Innovation

Frontiers of Health Services Management

Commentary By: Mark E. Coticchia

Innovation means different things to different organizations and
people. However, I have yet to find a healthcare executive who does not endorse
its importance and the potential for innovation-based impact at his or her institution.
At the same time, in private settings, most of my peers talk about the
difficulties in structuring and executing innovation activities, setting appropriate
expectations, and measuring success.

In this issue of Frontiers of Health Services Management, two valuable feature
articles portray innovation activities and—important in this context—the
origins and structures of two excellent yet disparate healthcare systems. Samet
and Smith describe the MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2), a free-standing
professional entity founded in 2009 to serve the large healthcare system in the
Washington, DC, and Maryland area. Meanwhile, Conger describes the history
and mission of innovation at OSF HealthCare, a private, integrated system
serving the Peoria, Illinois, region. The two articles provide an opportunity to
compare these programs not only with each other but also with the program
that I lead at the Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) in Detroit, Michigan.

Read full commentary in frontiers of health services management from Mark Coticchia by downloading it here: Coticchia commentary – final[2]